A BURST pipe at a Borders primary school has caused disruption to children preparing to return to classes following yesterday’s strike.

The old Earlston primary school is currently being demolished and the pipe is understood to have burst during the ongoing work yesterday.

Pupils in P1 to P3 will be escorted to the nearby High School for lessons.

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Pupils in P4 to P7 are being advised to remain at home where they will be taught remotely using their iPads.

Breakfast club has been cancelled, along with the P5 Showcase Assembly, the P6 & P7 Cross Country Training and Scots Literacy Celebration - all of which have been rescheduled.

The nursery remains open and there are no changes to school transport.

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In a message to parents, Earlston Primary's Head Teacher, Kevin Wilson, said: "By now you should have received notification regarding the burst water pipe today while demolishing the old part of Earlston Primary.

This has resulted in a number of changes to be put in place (for Tuesday) in order to ensure continuity in learning.

"Thank you in advance for being understanding and flexible regarding the situation."