AN EYESORE building in the Borders which has been deemed a risk to public safety is set for demolition.

A planning application has been submitted to Scottish Borders Council to flatten the former industrial workshop at 4-6 Bourtree Terrace, Hawick.

A report with the planning bid, from Edinburgh-based Robert Tams, says: “It is proposed to demolish the rear of the building and make tidy the site and the two adjoining building wall facings.

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“The demolition works are urgently required. It has now become a clear and obvious risk in terms of the safety of the public and the well-being of the adjoining buildings.

“To date the applicant has carried out the soft strip of the property to make it safer and reduce the risk of potential fire hazard should youngsters enter with the wrong intentions.

“The longer-term aspiration is to redevelop the site for residential use with four flats under croft parking being the likely format.”