FORMER Gala Fairydean Rovers striker Zander Murray presents the Disclosure: Out on the Pitch documentary on BBC 1 Scotland tonight (Monday March 13 2023)

Murray is currently the only openly gay professional footballer in Scotland. And he hopes that by talking about what he has been through, he can help others in a similar position.


Part of the programme was filmed at Netherdale, the home of Gala Fairydean Rovers as he returned to speak to close friends including club secretary Rob Fairbairn.

Fairbairn said: “We just thought well good on him. Our club is well versed in diversity training and we knew there wouldn’t be a problem in the dressing room. And he got on really well with the boys anyway and I suspect he didn’t have a problem.

“I think he has helped a lot of kids and younger players as well. Hopefully they will look at the situation at Gala Fairydean Rovers and say well if Zander Murray can do it then we can do it as well.”

Border Telegraph: Zander Murray scored the winning goal against Rangers B at Netherdale. Photo Thomas BrownZander Murray scored the winning goal against Rangers B at Netherdale. Photo Thomas Brown (Image: Thomas Brown)

Murray who has previously praised the club for their support after he publicly came out as gay in September 2022 spoke about the reaction of his teammates when the weight was finally lifted from his shoulders.

He said: “It was brilliant to be myself, not just on the pitch but in the dressing room, I could just be myself. It was good.

“All my initial fears of being in the dressing room again and that was going to be scary but it was just brilliant. “The boys treated me as the same Zander.”

During the 30-minute documentary Murray talked about growing up in Glasgow realising that he was different from other players in his youth teams.

He met referee Lloyd Wilson who came out last year, respected football journalist Graeme Spiers, members of the Hibee Pride fans group and players from gay friendly club Saltire Thistle.

Murray added: “Change is slowly happening but it’s a long way to go. The clubs and their owners, the players and the fans, the people that run the game and the next generation all have a part to play in changing things.

“I hope that by making this programme and talking about what I have been through I can help others.

“It’s been a wonderful time but sharing my story has left me thinking that there is no room for complacency.

“Football should be for everyone. The sport will only have changed when more people like me feel they are comfortable playing and watching the beautiful game.”

Disclosure: Out on the Pitch is on BBC 1 Scotland at 8pm and is also available on BBC iplayer.