A SPATE of anti-social behaviour by a gang of youths is terrorising residents in Innerleithen, a meeting has heard.

The town’s community council (IDCC) was told of a letter from a resident in Waverley Mills who is “at the end of his tether.”

Typically the troublemakers are playing “chap, door, run” according to a post on social media group ‘Innerleithen Online’, which also stated that many had engaged in this behaviour in their youth.

The meeting was told the Waverley Mills resident has contacted the police more than once but the behaviour continues.

Another social media post stated: “They often wear dark clothes and hoodies and if you challenge them you get a mouthful of abuse.”

Tweeddale East councillor Julie Pirone said: “It is anti-social behaviour and if we know the names of people involved we can pass the information to the youth behaviour officer who can talk to them.”

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IDCC member Gordon Daly said: “We were told to report every incident.”

Ms Pirone said the best way to report an anti-social type incident is to email: asbu@scotborders.gov.uk

Ms Pirone said: “It is very quick and gives a sense of peace of mind.

“However if anyone is in fear of their lives it should be 999.”

Another resident said: “They knock on my windows, ring the buzzer, kick the main entrance door and once I had the window open and they tried to pinch an ornament from my windowsill.”

Another said: “I have learned to ignore it because I used to get up to similar stuff in my teens.”

Tweeddale East councillor Robin Tatler added that reporting the incident on 101 is also good as the statistics may show a spike in the area for the Community Action Team.