A PEEBLES meeting was told of a petition asking community councils not to take cash from a COVID recovery fund which is giving grants of £500 for coronation parties.

Last Thursday Peebles Community Council (PCC) members were told their absent chairman Peter Maudsley does not support the petition raised by a resident online as the event “will bring much joy to people”.

Graham Mackie, the acting PCC chairman, read out the opening paragraph of the petition, which has been signed by 464 people, demanding the Scottish Borders Council fund is spent on food banks.

PCC is organising a party on May 6 at the Eastgate which will see the television coverage live-streamed from London.

Graham Mackie also read out a statement from Mr Maudsley which said: “The Tweeddale East and West councillors are elected to act on our behalf and they have voted by 18 votes to 15 and that is how it should be left. PCC has to represent all the residents and our position is that we go ahead with the proposed party.”

Anyone wishing to attend the Eastgate party should apply for free tickets by emailing secretary@ccrbpeebles.co.uk or by phone: 07980 587139 by Thursday, March 30.