A BORDERS cricket club is looking to get as many children involved in the sport this summer through a national scheme.

The youth section of Peebles Cricket Club, Peebles Phoenix, is hoping that the 10-week long cricket sessions at Whitestone Park, next to the Gytes, will encourage as many youngsters to engage with the sport.

Leader of Peebles Phoenix Dave Thompson said: "Cricket is a team sport where everyone takes turns and individual skill counts towards the team effort making it suitable for all abilities, sexes and temperaments.

"It [cricket] is something that gives kids who aren't necessarily either interested in the elbow space you need to generate in football, or the physical side of rugby, hockey, netball.

"[It] gives them a team sport they can excel in and get the benefits out of that team area.

"We're quite sport focused in the Borders and there isn't that outlet for boys and girls who don't necessarily fall into the classic mould.

"And that certainly goes along the lines for kids that have got neurodiversity challenges."

For 10 weeks over the summer term youngsters can join one of two national programmes.

Children aged five to eight years old can join the All Stars group where they will learn the basic skills of cricket.

And then six to 12-year-olds can join the Dynamos where they play softball cricket.

Mr Thompson added: "The club is looking to get teams from each primary to play in a Tweedale indoor cricket cup at the end of the summer term, so if you know of a child who wants the challenge or an adult who wants to make sure their local school is represented contact Peeblesphoenix@gmail.com or through the Facebook page of Peebles Phoenix."

Mr Thompson is also currently running sessions in connection with Live Borders at Kingsland Primary School for P5-7 pupils.

The summer sessions will begin on Friday, April 21, for 10 weeks, ending on Friday, June 23, between 4.30-5.30pm.

For more information, email peeblesphoenix@gmail.com or contact Peebles Phoenix through their Facebook page.