A FUNDRAISER has been launched to help a 14-year-old Borders boy who is stuck in hospital until vital alterations can be made to his family home.

George McIntosh has spent the last six months at the Royal Hospital for Children and Young People in Edinburgh after waking up in September 2022 unable to stand or move his right leg.

George and his family have been advised that he can’t be discharged from the hospital until changes have been made to their home which will aid with his limited mobility.

The family was told that to get these alterations through the NHS would be a two-year wait.

“We felt disappointment and disbelief,” said George’s mum, Julie. “George has been in hospital for so long and we want to try anything to get him home as quickly as possible, but the only suggestion for achieving this is to fund alterations ourselves.”

A JustGiving fundraising page was set up for the family, with the hopes of raising enough money to make the necessary accommodations.

Julie said: “For over eight years George has become used to hospital stays, operations (he has had 19 in total and is waiting for a 20th in the next few weeks) and procedures.

“He has an incurable and inoperable brain and spinal tumour, shunted hydrocephalus, epilepsy and scoliosis.

“This current hospital visit sees George having been an inpatient for over six months and having had three spinal surgeries in that time.”

During his time in hospital George has been working to build his mobility, however, he is now a full-time wheelchair user.

Julie added: “He always copes brilliantly and with such a positive attitude but the past few weeks he has been pretty tired and fed up; he just wants to get back to normality.

“He has a great team of doctors, nurses and therapists helping him but his disease is very unique and often difficult to treat.”

Julie told the Border Telegraph that providing the necessary changes to their home will give George the “independence and dignity he deserves”.

“When asked, all he wants to do is to be able to go to any part of his home and manage to do daily tasks on his own,” Julie added. “A new low energy wheelchair will allow him to self propel himself further, enabling him to get around home, school and the local area without becoming exhausted.

“He is learning wheelchair skills to help manoeuvre a wheelchair more skilfully.”

After spending so long in the hospital, George is looking forward to getting back home to be with his family and friends.

Julie said: “George misses his big brother and his dog as they have never spent this much time apart.

“George cannot wait to get back home to spend time with his beloved cocker spaniel, although he says that he’s looking forward to getting back to school to see his friends and maybe not for the work!

“As a family, we all stay focused on being as positive as we can for George.

“He doesn’t allow his health problems define him and always likes to prove he can achieve anything he puts his mind to.”

At the time of publication, £3,247 of the family’s fundraising target of £10,000 had been raised.

Julie added: “We would like to say to supporters a huge thank you for taking time to listen to George’s story and for their support and donations so far.

“Every donation and effort to raise funds in any way is going to help George get home where he can begin to learn to adapt to being a full time wheelchair user.”

To donate to George’s fundraiser, visit: www.justgiving.com/campaign/getgeorgemoving