BORDERERS are being urged to join NHS Borders and get involved with Earth Hour this weekend.

Earth Hour, organised by the WWF (World Wildlife Foundation), will take place at 8.30pm tonight (Saturday, March 25) and will see people around the world 'switch off' for the planet.

The hour-long light switch-off aims to raise awareness of the environmental issues facing the planet today.

Ralph Roberts, Chief Executive at NHS Borders, said: "We are proud to be supporting WWF's Earth Hour once again this year.

“By asking our community to take part in Earth Hour this week, we hope to show people across the region that we can all make a difference to help protect the environment.

“Even making little changes to our lifestyles can often have a big impact on our health and the planet - so please consider what positive things you can do for the environment ahead of Earth Hour this weekend.”

As well as the switch-off, people are invited to take an hour to do something positive for the environment.

Some changes we can make to help the environment can also benegit our health, such as using active travel (cycling and walking), eating seasonal produce, or enjoying hobbies like gardening.

To find out more about Earth Hour, visit: