AN INSPIRATIONAL Cancer Research fundraiser from the Scottish Borders was recently invited to a prestigious event at Downing Street to celebrate local charity champions from all over the United Kingdom.

Number 10 held the Local Charity Champions reception to recognise the selflessness, kindness and hard work of people who dedicate their time to helping charities.

Borders-based Elaine Monro was one of those recognised for her “incredible work” as part of the committee of the Selkirk Cancer Research UK Group.

She came up with the idea to design a tartan in the Cancer Research Colours in October 2016 and she teamed up with Lochcarron of Scotland to design the Tartan Scarves for the charity.

The project has gone on to be incredibly successful in raising funds for Cancer Research UK.

Ms Monro said: “It was an honour to represent Cancer Research UK Selkirk Committee and the Scottish Borders and have the beautiful pink tartan created by Lochcarron of Scotland admired by so many people.

“It was heartwarming to see so many people who support so many diverse charities from their local areas and to meet them in such a setting as No10 was something l never imagined l would ever do, however, thanks to John Lamont, who has been a great support of the tartan from day one, l had this unforgettable day.

“Cancer affects so many people but thanks to the work carried out by Cancer Research UK funded by the generosity of people they are making progress in the prevention, treatment and cures for many cancers.”

Mr Lamont said: “Elaine Monro has done incredible work with the Selkirk Cancer Research group including designing a tartan in the charity colours which has been very successful at raising funds for a great cause.

“Her dedication and commitment is an inspiration.

“It was a pleasure to welcome her to the Local Charity Champions Reception at Number 10 Downing Street to celebrate her work.”