A BORDERS pub has announced it will close its doors for the final time at the end of this month.

Dean's Bar, in Orrock Place, Hawick, shared on its Facebook page earlier this week that due to ongoing issues with noise restrictions and rising costs the business will close on Wednesday, May 31.

Mark and Pauline Dean, who opened Dean's Bar in 2016 after converting the former rugby club, said they were "sad" to be sharing the news of the closure.

Sharing the social media, the couple said: "It’s been an uphill struggle from the start, due to the neighbour not being happy that we opened.

"It meant that we were not permitted to open the function room for years for no real reason which resulted in lots of lost revenue for us and then multiple noise restrictions were placed upon us.

"This coupled with the countless amounts we have had to spend on the noise issue (which is still ongoing) has meant that we have never been able to run the business like we intended and how it had been run for years before us.

"With rising costs and people just not going out the same now it’s has become unsustainable for us as a family to keep the doors open."

With the news, they added their thanks to customers and staff.

"We are so grateful for those who have supported us and to all our staff over the years," they said, "you have all been great."

The business will continue to run its outside bar.