A TEENAGER involved in a dispute with neighbours has been ordered to be of good behaviour for the next six months at Selkirk Sheriff Court.

Nineteen-year-old Finlay Tough pleaded guilty to shouting and swearing and uttering threats and repeatedly kicking a door in the common stairwell of the flats in Broom Drive, Galashiels, on February 5.

Alasdair Fay, prosecuting, said there had been a falling out of neighbours which culminated at 5.25pm when Tough presented himself at the door of his neighbours and was shouting and swearing and uttering threats.

Defence lawyer Ross Dow said his client had lost his keys and had tried to get into the common stairwell but the neighbours would not open the door for him.

Sheriff Janys Scott deferred sentence on Tough, now living in Woodstock Avenue, Galashiels, until November 13, for good behaviour.