A HAWICK man who was abusive to his partner has been ordered to attend the Caledonian Men’s Programme for the next two years in an effort to curb his domestic offending.

Kelvin Milligan, 44, pleaded guilty to his second domestic offence and was warned by sheriff Iain Nicol that he would be facing custody if he was convicted of another offence relating to a partner or ex-partner.

He admitted engaging in a course of conduct which was abusive to his partner at houses in the Borders between May 2020, and April 2022.

Milligan was shouting and swearing at the woman, monitored her phone, attempted to eject her from her own home, repeatedly seized hold of her to her injury, seized her hand and forced a ring from her finger and took her phone from her.

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Procurator fiscal Alasdair Fay told Jedburgh Sheriff Court there were a series of incidents over the course of two years with the accused jealous of the woman’s behaviour and he would constantly monitor her phone.

The woman suffered bruising in some of the incidents and on one occasion he demanded an engagement ring back and when she refused he forcefully took it from her causing bruising.

The woman confided in a friend that she feared Milligan was on the verge of killing her.

Milligan, of Ruberslaw Road, was ordered to attend the Caledonian Men’s Programme and placed on supervision for two years as part of a Community Pay Back Order.

He was also made the subject of a Non-Harassment Order preventing him from having any contact with the woman for two years.