PETS continue to be killed in a Tweeddale village despite the recently-imposed 20mph zones, a meeting has heard.

West Linton resident Steve McClean, of Roderick Place, off Station Road, lives right at the 20mph sign as you approach the village from the Peebles direction.

Mr McClean said speeding drivers don’t slow down till they approach the corner by The Green, well into the restricted zone.

“We have lost two pet cats which have been killed on the road and there are other neighbours who have lost cats and dogs,” he said.

“Any animal that strays out on that road has not got a chance and there are young children also out.”

He added: “It is recognised that it’s a village with animals and people but I wonder how long it is before it’s a human involved.

“It is so unnecessary, people should be doing 20mph but it is ignored.

“I am a driver myself and I can understand the temptation but it is just frustrating.”

The issue is regularly raised at West Linton Community Council (WLCC) and member Diane Beards said: “Drivers speed for different reasons and with low police resource, relying solely on enforcement is not going to reduce the speeding problem.

“Therefore other avenues have had to be explored.

“We have been using Police Scotland’s ‘Pop-up Bob’ and it has been noticed that most drivers reduce their speed when they see him.

“The Scottish Borders Council Community Action Team has been requested, via Tweeddale East councillor Eric Small, to spend time in the village with speed guns and assess if that has an impact.

“WLCC is also looking to work with councillor [Drummond] Begg on a West Linton speed awareness campaign to influence the behaviour of local drivers.

“This will include involving the primary school road safety officers, asking community groups to promote speed awareness to their members and encouraging residents to get involved with a Community Speedwatch group.”

Mr McClean added: “If drivers are coming out of the village they start accelerating from the corner by The Green in the 20mph zone.

“So the vast majority coming past our street are certainly not doing 20mph, nowhere near it, and they are often travelling at 50-60mph.

“If you walk along Station Road some of the trucks and vans almost blow you off your feet due to their speed.

“It is absolutely crazy.

“I can understand why, it’s a straight, but at the same time it’s a 20mph zone.”

Ms Beards added: “It has been flagged to WLCC that excess speed is also being seen on the other roads entering the village.

“The A702 passes through West Linton and although the speed limit reduces as the road passes through the village, vehicles continue to maintain 60mph or sometimes more as they travel through these reduced speed areas and it has always been a problem.

“We would also encourage residents to contact companies when they see their vehicles speeding through the village.

“With the lighter nights and better weather there are more children out playing and an increase in people cycling.

“We don’t want an accident to be the catalyst for addressing the speeding problem in West Linton.”