WHIPMAN Week is over for another year and villagers were glad to once again celebrate in the sun.

Following from the ride out on June 3 there was a full week of events, including races, cross country, and the annual pillow fight.


Wednesday, June 7

Bogie Race

  • 1st – Finlay Clements and James Gillie
  • 2nd – Hugo Naismith and Jamie Pepe
  • 3rd – Marianna Bennett and Lewis Harper
  • Aitken Cup for the best dressed bogie – James Gillie and Finlay Clements (Beano Mobile)
  • Macgregor Builders Cup (winner of the bogie race) – James Gillie and Finlay Clements

Wheelbarrow Race

  • 1st – Leigh Gordon and Shauni Gilchrist
  • 2nd – Rosie Dykes and Ollie Sword
  • 3rd – Hope Thomson and Logan Mackay
  • Mckinna Cup for the best dressed wheelbarrow – Fire Station
  • Whim Hall Trophy (and John Dewar Bottle) – Leigh Gordon and Shauni Gilchrist

Ladies Pillow Fight

  • Lesley Ravie Cup – Shauni Gilchrist
  • Gillian Duncan Cup (runner up) – Fiona Reynolds

Men’s Pillow Fight

  • Alex Noble Cup – Ryan Stewart
  • Runner up – Leigh Gordon

Thursday, June 8

Junior Rugby

  • Orange Team Winners – Jude, Max, Jack, Andrew, Cameron, and Joshua

Adult/senior Rugby

  • Blue Team Winners – Sam Lord, Gavin Macrae, Caiden Macrae, John Thompson, Thomas Ross, and Gary Ross

Trophy Winners

  • The Cala Trophy (Men’s Heavy Events) – Callum Anderson
  • The Robert Small Tankard for Quoits – Alan Stewart
  • The Graham Cup (Men 15 and over) – Kieran Ross
  • The William Black Rose Bowl (Women 15 and over) – Raquel Bennett
  • The Macgregor Cup (Children aged 8-10) – Findlay Wyllie
  • Young Trophy (Children aged 11-14) – Caiden Macrae
  • Downie Cup (Men’s Tug-o-War) – Romanno Bridge Team
  • Hardie Trophy (Tug-o-War runners up) – Team Ross
  • Whim Hall Scroll (Ladies' Tug-o-War) – Linton Lifters
  • Bond Trophy (Best Overall Athlete in the Games) – Emma Wylie
  • Farmers Lift (Ladies) – Paula Peden
  • Farmers Lift (Men) – Lynton Brink
  • Lyall Roberton Quaich (Men’s Cycle Event) – Max Ryall
  • Sheila Black Ladies' Cycle Event –– Helen Ryall
  • Jubilee Cups: Men’s Cross Country – James Moore; Women’s Cross Country – Anna Forsyth

Cross Country Results

  • Girls (8 years old) – 1st Lily Mae Macrae
  • Boys (9 years old) – 1st Jack Lord; 2nd Harris Thomson; 3rd Charlie Lord
  • Boys (10 years old) – 1st Findlay Wyllie; 2nd Jamie Peppe; 3rd Blake Young/Ellis McInally
  • Girls (10 years old) – 1st Lily Grant
  • Girls (11 years old) – 1st Ella Rose Macrae
  • Boys (13 years old) – 1st Oliver Drummond; 2nd Dougal McCarthy
  • Girls (13 years old) – 1st Emma Wyllie; 2nd Emily O’Malley
  • Boys (14 years old) – 1st Caiden Macrae
  • Girls (14 years old) – 1st Sian Clements; 2nd Amy Chapman
  • Men – 1st James Moore 2nd Andy Gibson 3rd Sam Lord
  • Women – 1st Anna Forsyth 2nd Claire Clark
  • Veterans (Men) – 1st Kevin Scott 2nd John Levine 3rd Murray Grant
  • Veterans (Women) – 1st Miranda Moore 2nd Jean Dobbing

Jubilee Cup Winners

  • Men’s Cross Country – James Moore
  • Women’s Cross Country – Anna Forsyth