A BORDERS dog has discovered a new pasttime after receiving ground breaking stem cell treatment.

Mowgli, a fourteen-year-old Staffordshire Bull Terrier-cross, has been receiving treatment for chronic osteoarthritis in her elbow at Greenside Veterinary Practice.

At the Borders practice - which has two surgeries in St Boswells and Jedburgh - Mowgli was given stem cell therapy which saw fat taken from Mowgli's body and processed in a lab to isolate the stem cells which were then injected back into the family pet.

The treatment has been pioneered by Greenside vet Dr Andrew Armitage.

Dr Armitage, clinical director at Greenside Veterinary Practice, said: “Our knowledge of stem cells and their properties continues to grow, allowing us to successfully introduce new therapies and applications, resulting in an improved quality of life for our patients.

“Osteoarthritis is a common condition that develops when the joint has not formed properly, and stem cells provide a disease modifying treatment without the need for more invasive surgeries or drugs.

“Mowgli is now able to walk as freely as possible given her condition and it is great to hear she is enjoying her truffle hunting."

Border Telegraph: Mowgli after a successful day truffle huntingMowgli after a successful day truffle hunting (Image: Greenside Veterinary Practice)

Mowgli lives in Ediburgh with her owner Jane Houston.

Last year Jane and Mowgli took part in a course on truffle hunting, and since then it's become a hobby the pair enjoy together.

Jane said: “We started truffle hunting as a hobby last year after going on a course. The orchard is a cultivated truffle orchard and the truffles belong to the landowner.

“Thanks to the stem cell treatments, it is a real privilege to still be able to work with Mowgli doing an interesting and unusual activity together, which helps to develop teamwork and exercises the dogs both physically and mentally.

“She loves truffle hunting and is able to search at her own pace, quite slowly and methodically.

"Other dogs are much younger and faster, and they cover a lot more ground, so it is a good mix that works well.”

Jane first noticed Mowgli's worsening mobility in 2020.

But thanks to Dr Armitage's treatment, as well as six months spent rehabilitating with laser therapy and hydrotherapy, Mowgli is on her way to being an active pup once more.

Jane said "The treatment has helped Mowgli’s elbow and the other affected areas are really good, too, so she is comfortable, happy and fairly active.

“She likes to be busy and work for treats and the treatment has allowed her to carry on enjoying life and doing various activities that she loves to do, albeit slowly and gently. I am pleased there is now an effective treatment for this condition.”

Mowgli is one of 245 dogs featured in Dr Armitage's research paper into stem cell therapy for dogs with orthopaedic conditions.

To read Dr Armitage's paper, click here.

And for more information about Greenside Veterinary Practice, visit: www.stemcellsscotland.co.uk