PEOPLE of all ages enjoyed taking part in the annual Peebles Beltane Festival fancy dress parade.

The town came out in force last week to welcome the return of the Beltane fancy dress parade.

A wonderful array of costumes were on display on Tweed Green before the procession moved to the High Street – from Royals to Barbie dolls.

As the night before Red Letter Day, there was no shortage of joy and excitement in the town.


  1. Priorsford Nursery (Winners of Nursery Shield)
  2. First Nursery
  3. Rosetta Nursery


Motor Driven (10 or more participants)

  1. Bertram & Co, Captain Hook Never Grow Up
  2. Mitchell’s Gang, The Greatest Showman
  3. MacIves, Swimming Pool Reopening

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Motor Driven (fewer than 10 participants)

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  1. The Very Hungry Caterpillar
  2. Round Table, Cluckingham Palace



  1. Hopkirks, Simply the Best

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  1. Mario

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Senior Group

  1. McPherson, Beltane Barbies (Winners of Liz Lynn Trophy)

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2.Kingsland, Playing Cards

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3. Kirsty Thomson, Strictly

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Senior Individual

  1. Anne Pearson, A Very Special Beltane Cop (Winner of Stalwart Medal)
  2. Jeremy Sceats, Joseph and his Technicolour Dreamcoat
  3. Ben Grindel, Fighter Pilot

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Senior Couple

  1. Gordon Finch and Andrew Dodds, Not Putin's Puppets
  2. Tommy Wynn and Rebecca Thomson, Last Tango
  3. Linda & Amy Ridley, Aunt Sally and Worzel Gummage


Junior Group

  1. Cornettos
  2. Beltane Ice Creams
  3. Tyred out and Exhausted
  • Special – Donuts

Junior Individual

  1. Jemes Eaglesham, Optimus Prime
  2. Henry Mitchell, Knight on Horse
  3. Emma Stephen, Willy Wonka


Junior Couple

  1. Mari-anne and Penelope, Cat in Hat
  2. Farrah and Isla, Wednesday Addams


Pre-School Individual or Couple

  1. Oscar Bain, Postman Pat
  2. Lexi Steven, Moana


Mixed Age Group (10 or more)

  1. Duncan Family, Riverdance

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2. Folk and Love

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3. Halyrude Supporters, Shop Local

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  • Special – St Andrews Leck, All through History
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Mixed Age Couple

  1. Adam and Sophie Clark, Harry Potter
  2. Denise and Zachariah, Mr Bean
  3. Jamie and Struan Webster, Lifeguard and Shark


Mixed Age Group (fewer than 10)

  1. Lynsey Paterson, Top Team 18 Farewell

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2. Jock Sterricks, The Royals

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3. Lorna Murray, Mr Men


Jimmy Raeburn Trophy

  • Bertram & Co, Captain Hook Never Grow Up