A NUMBER of Borders roads will close or have temporary lane closures with convoy system in operation this week to facilitate surface dressing works, and motorists should still expect to encounter delays if  traveling on these routes.

The process involves spraying the carriageway with a bitumen binder followed by a layer of stone chippings which are compacted by mechanical roller. 

The carriageway is swept immediately after completion of the process, however, loose chippings will be present on the site for a number of weeks until the chipping have been fully embedded into the surface and the final sweep has been completed.

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Due to the nature of these works and available road widths, the majority of B and unclassified roads will be closed temporarily while works are ongoing. 

Access to properties may also be restricted for short periods until the works have passed. 

Where there are particular access requirements please speak to our colleagues on site who will usually be able to accommodate your needs. 

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Works on the A class network will be carried out under a temporary lane closure with convoy system in operation and motorists should still expect to encounter delays if  traveling on these route.

The roads in question are as follows:

Monday July 3 A698 at West Freburnmill

Tuesday July 4 B7062 at Kirkburn

Wednesday July 5 B7009 at Hulterburn / Howford

Thursday July 6 B6357 at North Ralton Bridge and C26 at Beda Hill / Black Grain

Friday July 7 B6357 at Mangerton / Gillside and Longrow to Boundary

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Please note Surface dressing operations is very much dependant on weather conditions. 

In the event of either very warm or wet conditions, works will be postponed with the programme adjusted to suit.

If you have any specific concerns or queries regarding these works,  please call 0300 100 1800 and request to speak to either Paul Matthewson, Jason Mains or Keith Millar. 

Alternatively please e- mail PMatthewson@Scotborders.gov.uk, Jason.Mains@scotborders.gov.uk or kmillar@scotborders.gov.uk