ONE of the most popular events in the Borders summer calendar returned last weekend with much excitement.

The Border Union Show at Kelso’s Springwood Park was a two-day celebration of the region’s agricultural industry.

Hundreds of animals, including cattle, sheep and horses, took part in competitions and displays across the two days.

As well as animal displays, such as the pony competitions, pet show and Champion of Champions, there were other spectacles over the two days for visitors to enjoy such as Extreme Bike Battle – a bicycle stunt team – which took to the new Entertainment Ring.



  • Champion – Mr and Mrs Andrew McCowan from Berwick-Upon-Tweed, with bay Gelding, Tredragon
  • Reserve – Alistair Warden from Skellfill Farm, with Suffolk Sheep

Riding Ponies In-hand

  • Champion – Laura Rennie; Dalgarnock, St Elmo’s Fire, bay Gelding, 29/06/2020, Exhibitor, Craiglea Funtastic

Highland Ponies In-hand

  • Champion – Fiona Steel; Moss-side Breagh II, mouse dun Mare, 18/04/2018, Jean Ralston, Seasprite of Caimbe
  • Reserve – Cicely Young; Perburn Finley Fada, cream dun Gelding, 15/05/2022, C. Taylor and Mr M. Taylor, Gissings Leanne

Highland Ponies Ridden

  • Champion – Lauren Jarvis; Trailtrow Toran, grey Gelding,05/06/2016, Gillian McMurray, Trailtrow Tula

M&M Novice Ridden

  • Champion – Lauren Jarvis; Trailtrow Toran, grey Gelding,05/06/2016, Gillian McMurray, Trailtrow Tula
  • Reserve – Emma-Jane Murray; Ochills Chiffchaff, dapple grey Gelding, 01/05/2017, Emma-Jane Murray, Castlestrange Wee Sparrow

M&M Junior Ridden

  • Champion (Small) – Ashleigh Redpath; Glangwna Glitter, bay Mare, 25/05/2013,W.J Jones, Friars Bonny Maid
  • Champion (Large) – Helen Maclaren; Skellorn Manhattan, grey Gelding ,08/05/2010, K. Wainwright, Tyan Takara
  • Reserve (Large) – C. Robinson; Monaincha Westside Fionn, dun Gelding, 12/07/2011, M. Hennessy, Rosscon Westside Lady

Veteran Horses

  • Champion – Heather Fisher; Dunstruan Duich Mhor, yellow dun Stallion, 21/06/2008, Exhibitor, Kirsty of Gargunnock

Show Hunter Ponies

  • Champion – Mr and Mrs C.J. Anderson; Rushfield Swagger Jagger, bay Mare, 29/04/2011, Rushfield, Rushfield Mystique
  • Reserve – Agnes Dun; Bawdsey Valerian, bay Gelding, 10/05/2010, Lady Quilter, Cellwen Valencia

Part Bred

  • Champion – Nicola Brown; Mia, grey Mare, 12/04/2019, C. Mactaggart, Amaryllah

Coloured Horses

  • Champion – Mr and Mrs Robert Claydon; Red Hand, skewbald Gelding, 04/03/2019, Exhibitor, Sizing Rubie
  • Reserve – Lydia Scott; Siangie Westcountry, piebald Mare, 19/06/2015, Angela Scott, Indian Mirage

M&M Novice Working Hunter Ponies

  • Champion – Carolyn Gospel; Ballinacregg Blue, grey Gelding, 15/06/2015, Exhibitor, Bessy
  • Reserve – Jemma Christie; Thistledown Little Joe, grey Stallion, 01/01/2014, S. Anderson, Maestir Liana

M&M Junior Working Hunter Ponies

  • Champion – N.C. Neill; Cragsyde Spruce, grey Gelding, 01/01/2016, Mrs Lauder, Cragsyde Mazie June

Pony Club Team Jumping

  • Junior and Senior Champion – Lauderdale Hunt Pony Club

Light Horse and Hunter In-hand

  • Champion – Joanne and William Moran; Foal from Tiger Trap, bay Colt, 14/04/2023, W Moran, Regal Heights, Tiger Trap
  • Reserve – Dale Robertson; Eran’s Pride, bay Female, 01/06/2022, Dale Robertson, George, Reivers Lass

Ridden Hunter

  • Champion – Gillian McCowan, Tredragon, bay Gelding, 14/05/2007, Preci Spark Ltd, Tower of Magic, The Cavalier’s Lady
  • Reserve – N.C. Neill; Captain Casanova, bay Gelding, 01/01/2011, Miss Briggs, Avanti Amorous Archie, Ventian Storm


  • Champion – Daphne Dale; Bluemanor Valencia, brown Female, 14/03/2018, Mr and Mrs J. Rae, Shorts Assets Milagro, Markyle Raspberry Sorbet
  • Reserve – Lorraine Rae; Bluemanor Monte Carlo, Colt, 01/01/2020, Mr and Mrs J. Rae


  • Champion – Becky Feller; Titch/Smallfarm, bay Gelding, 12/03/2012, Becky Feller, Westerner, Eastertide
  • Reserve – Katie-Jo Nixon; Bottle Hill (GB), black Gelding, 02/05/2016, LM Northover, Malinas (GER), Minnie Hill (IRE)


  • Champion – John Fairbairn; Marshall Meadows Mary Rose, bat Female, 16/05/2021, J and C Fairbairn, Tillside Topsman, Cumeragh House Valetta
  • Reserve – Tommy Hamilton; Oldstone Lady Lynne, bay Mare, 20/06/2019, Joseph Boyle, Thorpe Hill Challenger, Donnybrewar Peggy’s Delight

Heavy Horse Turnouts

  • Champion – John Fairbairn; Dennis and Vince, bay, Clydesdale and Shire, 16/04/2013
  • Reserve – Katie Willey; Burdon Moor Matt bay male, 19/03/2020, A.Willey, Dillars Ollie, Mill Duchess Kate

Aberdeen Angus

  • Champion (Male) – Andrew Hodge; Rulesmains Pascual Y703, 01/04/2022, S.Blelack Prince Camelot W017, D.Rulesmains Paloma R672
  • Reserve (Male) – Andrew Hodge; Rulesmains Paycheck Y680, 25/03/2022, S.Blelack Prince Camelot W017, D.Rulesmains Princess V171
  • Champion (Female) – Andrew Hodge; Rulesmains Royal Lynn Y711,03/04/2022, S.Blelack Lord Heartford T879, D.Rulesmains Royal Lynn T005
  • Reserve (Female) – John M. Steel; Wrae Proud Ilusia S318, 02/09/2016, S.Borewell Eastern Flame, D.Wrae Proud Ilus G098


  • Champion (Male) – Redpath Farms; Maraiscote Sherlock, 20/04/2021, S.Bassingfield Machoman, D.Maraiscote Intrigue
  • Reserve (Male) – Clive Knox; Beachmount Tuclear, 10/05/2022, S.Whinfellpark Lomu, D.Haltcliffe Emerald
  • Champion (Female) – Redpath Farms; Redpaths Sugar, 03/08/2021, S.Ampertaine Gigolo, D.Redpaths Hilary
  • Reserve (Female) – Redpath Farms; Redpaths Sapphire,21/05/2021, S.Derriaghy Oscar, D.Redpaths Hazel

Native Breeds

  • Champion – Andrew Hodge; Coley 1 Lily 561 (P), 02/10/2020, S.Gouldingpoll 1 Gold Spice (P), D.Grangefell Carol Lily 753 (DH)
  • Reserves – Braidwood Farm; Dollol of Killochries Fold, 06/05/2021, S.Calum Dubh Of Killochries, UK583241 700897, D.Princess Sean of Killochries Fold, UK583241 701009

Continental Breeds

  • Champion – R and A Crockett; Bacardi Matilda, 26/12/2017, S.Seawell Kitemark, D.Bacardi Keisha
  • Reserve – R and A Crockett, Bacardi Racquel,06/04/2021, S.Seamore nitro, D.Bacardi Matilda

Young Handler (15 and under)

  • 1st – Lucy Knox
  • 2nd – Mackenzie Young

Beltex (MV)

  • Champion – Grant Maxwell
  • Reserve – Cameron Cormack

Border Leicester (MV)

  • Champion – Tom Tennant
  • Reserve – R.N Howie and Partners

Texel (MV)

  • Champion – Gordon Gray
  • Reserve – Murray Weir

Zwartbles (MV)

  • Champion – Wallacetown

Any Other Breed (MV)

  • Champion – Cameron Cormack
  • Reserve – Gordon Gray

Blackface (non-MV)

  • Champion – S. McClymont
  • Reserve – Alan McClymont

Bluefaced Leicester (non-MV)

  • Champion – Bill Hedley
  • Reserve – Linkshead

Cheviot (non-MV)

  • Champion – J. Hume and Son
  • Reserve – W.J Douglas and Son

Hebridean (non-MV)

  • Champion – David Braithwaite
  • Reserve – David Braithwaite

Jacob (non-MV)

  • Champion – Stephanie Crozier
  • Reserve – M.J Harper

Kerry Hill (non-MV)

  • Champion – Katherine and Stewart McIntosh
  • Reserve – Rory Innes

Lairg Type Cheviot (non-MV)

  • Champion – W and J Thomson
  • Reserve – Michael Elliot

North Country Cheviot (non-MV)

  • Champion – Roderick Runciman
  • Reserve – Steven G. Turnbull

Scotch Half Breed (non-MV)

  • Champion – G.S Shaw and Company
  • Reserve – George D. Pate

Shetland (non-MV)

  • Champion – B and J Watson
  • Reserve – Patrick M.L Playfair

Suffolk (non-MV)

  • Champion – Alistair James Warden
  • Reserve – William Sandilands

Texel (non-MV)

  • Champion – James Anderson
  • Reserve – Alan Smith

Any Other Breed (non-MV)

  • Champion – A and P Glennie
  • Reserve – J. McAulay-Wauchope

Prime Lambs (non-MV)

  • Champion – L. McGowan
  • Reserve – J. McAulay-Wauchope

Young Handlers

  • Champion – Lachlan Rae
  • Reserve – Isaac Boyes

Young Handlers (non-MV)

  • Champion – Henry Mair Chapman
  • Reserve – Cohen Tyson

Small Dogs

  • 1st – Bruno, Winnie Haan
  • 2nd – Millie, Willow Elliott

Large Dog

  • 1st – Bramble, Thomas Steenhook
  • 2nd – Mya, Willow Elliot


  • 1st – Tweed Forum
  • 2nd – Neil Moffat Drystone Work

Craft and Gift

  • 1st – It Began With a Bow
  • 2nd – Thimbletweed

Food Hall

  • 1st – Shaw Meats
  • 2nd – The Dessert Diva