BORDERS residents have shared the positive effect visiting cyclists are having on their community.

Sharing to the Facebook community page Innerleithen Online, residents of the town have expressed their happiness of seeing international cycling teams visiting the region for the mountain bike cross country section of the UCI Cycling World Championships at Glentress.

In the original post Shirley Bean wrote: "Don’t know about anyone else but I am loving walking round the town and hearing different languages being spoken.

"Feels great that so many folks from around the world are here in Innerleithen."

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Others shared their sightings and interactions with the international cycling teams.

Keith Belleville added: "We're lucky to live in a place that has attracted such a high profile event."

Another shared that they have played 'spot the team', stating they were excited to have spotted 10 competing teams around the town.

When crossing paths with members of team Sweden, Eamonn O'Neill took the opportunity to ask the riders for a quick favour.

Commenting on social media he said: "[I was] delighted to see the Swedish team shoot by on the cycle path.

"I did shout, "Kan du hjälpa mig att sätta ihop några Ikea-möbler? [Can you help me assemble some Ikea furniture?]"

"But from their expressions I don't think they heard me. Ah well.

"My wife who was was with me thought it was a seriously rubbish joke.

"She's not wrong."

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Joy Espie shared: "I was in the Eastgate Car park in Peebles next to Slovakia and Belgium team vans.

"It just felt great."

And Lynsay Munnis added: "Driving along the high street behind two Swiss cyclists with their team jerseys, and in Sainsburys alongside teams, it feels quite special."

The UCI Cycling World Championships will be at Glentress until Saturday, August 12.

For more information on the major cycling event, visit: