A PHOTOGRAPHER is showcasing the most picturesque parts of Peebles with a new calendar.

Mark Sansom first began making the souvenirs in 2019 in aid of the town’s high school following a fire.

Since then he has created a calendar every year.

And this year marks the third which has been in support of the Peeblesshire Foodbank.

Mark said: “After posting on the Auld Peebles Bletherer’s and Peebles in Pictures Facebook pages I was asked to design a calendar to help raise funds for Peebles High School following the fire.

“I enjoyed the experience so much that I decided to produce another one the year after and donate all profits to the Peeblesshire Foodbank. This is my third calendar for the food bank.”

And during the coronavirus pandemic Mark made the most of his regular walks around town by taking his camera with him.

He added: “Like most folk during the pandemic I was tethered to my home, but I’ve always been a keen walker so enjoyed getting out and about when allowed and started taking photos while on my walks around town.

“It also let me make the most of my drone pilot’s qualification, which I had gained shortly before COVID began, so I started taking aerial photographs too.”

Mark, who runs Indigo Six Video Services, chooses the photos for the calendar to suit each month – ensuring the photo represents the time of year – and uses images which have had the best reception on social media.

He first started selling the calendars to friends and family over Facebook, then offering them to the wider public and posting and delivering them himself.

New commitments with his business, however, have meant that Mark makes use of local businesses to sell the calendars.

“For the first couple of years I sent the calendars out by post and hand delivered them to people locally,” he said. “However, after starting up my own business, Indigo Six Video Services, I didn’t have the time to keep up the administration of taking orders myself.

“Thankfully, Lorna Murray, at The Dispensery on Bridgegate, kindly agreed to sell them for me and is doing so again this year.

“I was also delighted when the Castle Warehouse in the Old Town agreed to sell them for me too.

“We raised £600 in 2022 and are hoping to improve on that figure this year.

“I’d like to say a massive thanks to everyone who has bought the calendar in the past and to those who may be thinking about doing so this year.”

The 2024 calendars are £8 each and can be bought at either The Dispensery or Castle Warehouse.