EMERGENCY services were called to the scene of another crash at a notorious accident black spot yesterday afternoon.

At 3.25pm police were alerted to the three vehicle crash at the Leadburn intersection where the A703 Peebles Road crosses the A6094 to become the A701, on the edge of Midlothian boundary with Scottish Borders.

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Minor disruption was caused to the traffic flow as officers arranged for the recovery of the vehicles.

No-one required hospital treatment.

One man was issued with a fixed penalty notice in connection with a road traffic offence.

A Police Scotland spokesperson said: “We were called around 3.25pm on Friday, 18 August, to a report of a three vehicle crash at the junction of the A701 and A703 at Leadburn.

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“There were no reported injuries and one driver was issued with a Fixed Penalty Notice in connection with a road traffic offence.”

The UK road safety site ‘CrashMap’ shows 28 reported injury accidents at this location since 2,000.

Members of the social media group Peeblesshire Road and Traffic Watch (PRTW) want the road layout to be changed.

In April a spokesperson for Midlothian Council said: “The roads manager is aware of the work needed and the council is arranging for this to be done as soon as possible.”