Tups from the foundation Chevease flock will go under the hammer alongside high index Suffolk terminal sires at an exclusive on-farm sale in early September.

The Chevease, first bred and trialled by Andrew Elliot and his team in 2002 at Blackhaugh in the Scottish Borders is now fixed as a fully wool-shedding composite.

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The Chevease combines the hardiness and maternal attributes of the North Country Cheviot, from the Elliots family farm of Balnakeil in north-west Sutherland, with wool shedding and profit drivers from easy care sheep.

The resulting wool-shedding Chevease ewes are renowned for their fertility, ease of lambing and maternal success.

Andrew Elliot said: “Our traditional hill farms in the Lammermuirs and north-west Sutherland are ideally suited to Cheviot sheep.

“With greater flexibility at Blackhaugh, in an upland situation, and with our quest for efficiency recognising the costs and problems associated with wool –flystrike, dagging, clipping, “couping” and the labour required for all of these tasks – we set out to introduce wool shedding to the flock whilst also further improving maternal performance.

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“The result is our stabilised flock of Chevease ewes, and we are proud to offer their genetics via this selection of tups for sale by auction on the afternoon of Thursday 7th September.”

To compliment the maternal flocks at Blackhaugh, high-index, signet recorded Suffolk tups are also bred.

Terminal sire performance, hardiness and thriftiness are key attributes in these naturally brought out tups. Born in April, they are grass fed with no creep, then used successfully as lambs in their first year.

The 35 shearlings offered for sale on Thursday 7th September are therefore proven sires and will carry Signet performance figures in the top 10% of the Suffolk breed.

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“We believe the Suffolk is the number 1 crossing sire to leave high growth lambs” added Mr Elliot. “We have selected naturally fleshing, easy lambing types for over 50 years. Our tups have top 10% Signet figures, are brought out naturally, bred and reared to work for many years and customers report fast growing lambs suitable for all outlets or retention for breeding females. “

Lawrie & Symington will offer around 60 tups for sale on-farm at Blackhaugh, Clovenfords, Galashiels on Thursday September 7 – consisting of 25 Chevease shearlings and 35 Suffolk shearlings.

Further details will be provided via the Lawrie & Symington website or from their Lanark office.

Scott Lambie from the firm said: “We are delighted to have been instructed by Andrew Elliot to facilitate this special on-farm sale.

“The sale will provide a unique opportunity to buy tups carrying top maternal and terminal genetics and we welcome all enquiries from potential purchasers.”