SECURITY is set to be beefed up at a funfair in Peebles.

Operators of the Victoria Park event are being encouraged to take on additional security staff and police are to take “extra interest” when it is again staged between Thursday, September 14 and Saturday, September 16.

Members of Peebles Common Good Fund Sub-Committee met on Wednesday, August 23.

And they gave their blessing for the popular event to go ahead this month, but with another proviso that earlier closing times are adopted.

Meeting chair and Tweeddale East councillor Robin Tatler said: “You will remember that last year there were some unfortunate incidents but subsequent to that I know that they have had some extra security staff on and the police have taken a much greater interest and in addition the operators have looked at early closing of 9pm.”

Fellow ward councillor Julie Pirone said: “They did have an incident last year and they maybe have to look at the numbers they have got on their security being increased slightly.

“I know last year they had an issue about being able to get the security because of other events and things that were happening.

“The police will certainly be made aware by the council and they will take an interest in it because they know the views of the local community about the funfair, and they should look at the early closing again, so it doesn’t conflict with pubs closing so that it’s a bit earlier and people can move away from the funfair, and police can turn their attention to something else in the town.

“If those things are guaranteed by the operator then I don’t see any problem because it does give people an extra activity and they all enjoy it.”

Tweeddale West councillor Marshall Douglas also supported the funfair coming with extra security in place, and pointed out that the problem last year was due to “factors external to the operators”.