ACTION is being taken to clampdown on illegal cycling inside Galashiels Transport Interchange.

CCTV cameras, improved signage and increased police presence are among the measures planned or acted upon to prevent young people riding scooters and bicycles in the complex.

Concerns were raised in an open question from the public lodged before Scottish Borders Council on Thursday (August 31).

In the first such public question to full council, Mr Stitt, of Selkirkshire, warned that it was “only a matter of time” before a pensioner or disabled person was hurt.

In response, Tweeddale East councillor Julie Pirone, the council’s executive member for communities and culture, said: “There have disappointingly been a number of incidents recently of young people riding bikes and scooters inside the Transport Interchange in Galashiels.

“This behaviour is unacceptable and we don’t condone it and it also presents a danger to members of the public and the young people themselves.

“Cycling or skating is not permitted within the footprint of the building and whenever there have been any incidents council officers have intervened when they have been required to do so.

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“Going forward the council plan to examine the installation of CCTV, recording equipment within the interchange and appropriate signage to deter such behaviour so that everybody is really clear that they should not be doing that within the interchange building and we will also continue to monitor the situation to look at further measures.”

Police Scotland have also been requested to increase the police’s physical presence at the location when resources allow.

Ms Pirone added: “I’d also ask headteachers in Galashiels to remind young people that cycling and skating within the Interchange is not allowed and I think that is an important factor, because some of them don’t realise they shouldn’t be doing that. The council presence in the interchange finishes at 6.30pm so that is obviously when there is an issue and I would urge anybody who sees any of this behaviour to report  it to the police through 101 or via the online email form so that police can attend.”

Anti-social behaviour within the transport building has long been a cause of concern and has been raised at meetings of the town’s community council.

In his question Mr Stitt writes: “What is being done to stop gangs of youths cycling inside the transport hub in Galashiels? 

“They have no regard for anyone’s safety and it is only a matter of time before an old person or a disabled person cannot move out of their way quickly enough.”