A TEAM of riders today started a gruelling journey: cycling 325 miles, over four days, from London to Champagne with the aim of raising £325,000 for the My Name’5 Doddie Foundation.

The team, made up of colleagues and producers at Berry Bros. & Rudd, will be headed by company Chair Lizzy Rudd.

Initially the company wasn’t sure how many people would sign up but the event had so many people volunteer in the first two weeks that they had to stop taking applications.

In Berry Bros. & Rudd’s 325 years of history, this is their biggest fundraising effort yet.

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David Zwy who captains the Doddie Aid Team Edinburgh side  “I was diagnosed with Motor Neurone Disease (MND) five years ago.

“MND is one of the cruellest diseases you can think of. It’s degenerative, it’s paralysing and it’s terminal. Your muscles waste away and will never build up again, your intact mind is trapped in a failing body. Life expectancy from diagnosis is just two years.

“It affects one in 300 people. The number of people living with MND isn’t low because it’s rare – it’s low because life expectancy is so short. Because of that, awareness also isn’t as high as it should be.



“There’s currently no cure, but that doesn’t have to be the case. MND is not an incurable condition, it’s just underfunded. Charities like My Name’5 Doddie – named after my friend, the late, great Doddie Weir OBE – are doing a huge amount to help fund crucial research.

“In the UK alone we have multiple research streams on the brink of a breakthrough. That’s why we took on this challenge – to raise money for the research that they’re doing, to help support those with MND, and to find a cure.

“It’s been a real source of pride to see so many people get involved in this. We have the cyclists, the team on the 325-mile cycle. Among them are colleagues from across the business, as well as some of our producers, and some of our customers. Many of them have never attempted a cycle this long or this difficult.

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“Behind them, there are so many others who have supported with fundraising events, encouraging the team through the training, and spread the story of the ride to their own friends and family.

“It’s an immense challenge. 325 miles across two countries – that’s a huge undertaking. There’ll be tears. But the amount we’ll be able to raise, and the awareness we’ll spread as a result, is invaluable.

“Every single pedal we push, every penny we raise, every bit of media coverage that teaches someone about MND – that all brings us closer to finding meaningful treatments, and a cure.”