APPROVAL has been granted to extend a new housing development in Selkirk despite claims the bid was ‘opportunistic’.

Scottish Borders Council (SBC) has previously given the go-ahead for six homes on land north east of The Lodge at Philiphaugh Mill in Ettrickhaugh Road. 

The developer, Melrose-based Rural Renaissance, this week sought approval from SBC’s Planning & Building Standards Committee to build an additional bungalow on the site.

There were objections to the application from some local residents on the grounds of inadequate drainage, increased traffic and road safety.

One resident said: “The application for a further dwellinghouse, on an already overburdened site, smacks a little of opportunism, perhaps fuelled by the ‘downturn’ in the property market.

“Having received approval for ‘only’ six dwellinghouses, and with building work ongoing, the developer has sought to slip in an application for a further house.

“I find the developer’s actions somewhat cynical and rather contemptuous of the current residents.”

At this week’s meeting, Tweeddale West councillor Eric Small said: “Six houses have already been granted and I don’t think one more house is going to change this site and with the conditions I’m quite happy to go along with this.”

It was a view shared by fellow councillors who unanimously agreed the application, which will now go to Scottish Government for final approval.