APPLES dating back to Roman times which still grow in the Borders will be one of the species highlighted at a special event next month.

The National Trust for Scotland (NTS) will hold apple-themed events all around Scotland this autumn, including at one of its Borders locations.

The orchard at Priorwood Garden in Melrose is home to a rare apple variety called Court Pendu Plat.

The variety was first introduced in Britain by the Romans and still grows in the Borders today.

Elizabethan gardeners in the 16th century and those in the Victorian age (19th century) made sure to showcase their creativity when inventing new species, and their ingenuity often appeared when naming their creations, with varieties carrying names such as: Dog’s Snout, Catshead, Peasgood Nonsuch, Ribston Pippin, and Warner's King.

Colin Wren, the National Trust for Scotland’s gardens and designed landscapes manager for the Edinburgh and East region said: “The National Trust for Scotland’s work to conserve and enrich our heritage orchards goes beyond our objective to providing access and enjoyment for communities and people of all ages.

"With fruit production likely to be impacted by climate change, among other challenges, we believe it is vital for future growers to have access to varieties that have survived and evolved over hundreds of years, rather than relying on the handful of commercial varieties that currently dominate supermarket shelves.

“Our charity is investing in a wide variety of activity to conserve Scotland’s heritage varieties, including grafting apples from historic apples to preserve them, DNA testing to establish the names of some of the older varieties that have proved difficult to identify from fruits, and replanting historic Scottish varieties, all to make sure that we can share the joy of our apple collections, with all their glorious colours, tastes and histories, with future generations, along with our horticultural expertise, all in support of our vision of nature, beauty and heritage for everyone.”

To celebrate one of the nation's favourite fruits the NTS will host Apple Weekend at Harmony House from October 13-15 where visitors can learn more about the charity's conservation work and the apple varieties which can be found locally.

The event will include apple displays, apple and plant sales, and alpaca walks around the grounds of Harmony House, including its own orchard.

The house is a short walk from Priorwood Gardens which is home to more than 70 different varieties of apples – ranging from heritage to modern types.

For further details on Apple Weekend in Melrose, as well as information on celebrations at NTS properties across Scotland this autumn, visit: