SECURITY is to be tightened at the home of British Wool in the Borders after a planning bid was rubber-stamped.

The recently acquired industrial units at Riverside Road in Selkirk serve as a depot for British Wool, a purveyor of high-quality woollen goods which are sold online throughout the UK.

The units form part of a larger series of industrial estates and complexes to the north of Selkirk.

Now a planning application has been approved by Scottish Borders Council (SBC) to extend security fencing and add a new double gate at Riverside Road, to fully incorporate the curtilage of the industrial units within the depot site.

A report with the application, from Galashiels-based Ferguson Planning, says:  “The proposed development will ensure the security of the site. No trees will be felled during the works and the public highway will not be disrupted. Visibility or the amenity of local residential areas will not be affected

“The proposed development ensures that the security of industrial sites on Riverside Road used by British Wool is maintained. The proposed fencing is of a design in keeping with the existing securing fencing on site, and other local sites.

“The public road and pedestrian access adjacent to the site will be unaffected and visibility splays from the site access will be maintained. Turning space and parking provision will not be affected by the development.

“The continued, secure occupation of the site enables the local business to continue to provide employment and revenue for the local area and is ensured by this proposal.”

Approving the application, Alla Hassa, SBC assistant planning officer, said: “The roads officer has raised no objections to the proposal, however concerns were raised that the proposal could result in cars parking in the area between the new fence and road, thereby forcing pedestrians to walk on the carriageway.

“A condition was therefore initially requested to provide a scheme of details for the extension of the pathway. Consequently, the applicant has amended the fence arrangement to avoid any restrictions to the footpath.”

British Wool recently moved from its Galashiels plant to a new modern depot in Selkirk.

The farmer-run organisation made the seven-mile switch in time for the 2023 wool season.

The new base – the former RP Adam cleaning products factory at 4 Riverside Road – provides a more spacious working environment, with increased capacity for wool grading and storage, thus “providing more flexibility for the business and improved service to members”.