AN ANIMAL rescue centre near the Borders is defending a "big, friendly" dog in its care.

Earlier this week Berwick Animal Rescue Kennel (BARK) in Berwick-Upon-Tweed shared a post showcasing one of its current residents.

Lily, a three-year-old XL Bully, was shared to BARK's Facebook page on Monday, October 9, alongside a short 'letter' from Lily.

The post read: "It is my breed, part of who I am, But it should not define me, I deserve my freedom. We are kind and caring and loving. In the right hands we are amazing. Let us be amazing. Let me be amazing

"Love and licks."

The post received an outpouring of love for Lily, with 1,145 people reacting positively to the post, and 63 comments also in support of Lily.

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak announced that plans were being drawn up to ban XL Bullies by the end of the year following a number of reported attacks involving the breed.

According to the UK's chief veterinary officer Christine Middlemiss there won't be a cull, however, owners will be expected to follow a set of specific guidance, including the use of muzzles, dogs not being allowed off lead, and a requirement that dogs are neuteured and insured.

With recent stories in mind, BARK's post received two comments from people asking "what makes someone a suitable owner" for an XL breed?

Replying, a BARK spokesperson said: "That is not a straightforward question to answer but as a basic she [Lily] would need a home that understood the implication of owning an XL Bullie [sic] and the huge responsibility that would go with that.

"A home that has a very secure garden but who would not leave her unsupervised.

"A home that would carry on with her training and socialisation and give her everything she needs to keep her healthy both mentally and physically.

"One that will, sadly, never be able to let their guard down, that will not put Lily in a position that would put her life at risk.

"One that would not put Lily's life at risk when visitors came to the home.

"A home that understands Lily's life is dependent on their actions as her owners.

"A home for [sic] of love and would put Lily's needs to be kept safe from accusations high on their list."

Lily is available for rehoming, however, BARK are looking for a very specific owners who can commit to her training and care.

For more information on rehoming Lily, visit the BARK website.