IT is not every day that you go to fill up your car with fuel and leave with a special prize.

However, for customers at Selkirk's JET Hillside filling station were given the chance to take part in JET's unique on-forecourt gameshow.

The gameshow, which features a host in the company's signature yellow coloured velvet jacket, has been launched at partner stations around the country.

Participants are invited to spin the wheel to win from a selection of driving-related prizes which range from a ‘high five and a fiver’ to fluffy dashboard dice and £250 worth of hotel vouchers.

Nicholas Brown, from Ashkirk, who won a £50 fuel voucher, said: "This is the most fun I’ve ever had at a petrol station!”

Sam King, from Hobkirk, also won a prize at the Selkirk filling station after being stuck in traffic behind a vehicle delivering parts of a wind turbine.

On his prize he said: "I’m over the moon.

"I was left with two miles of fuel stuck behind the wind turbine.

"If I didn’t come in I might not have made it home.

"I’m so chuffed!"

And the winner of the Selkirk gameshow's top prize was David Henderson, of Hawick, who won a £250 hotel voucher as a surprise on his day off from work.