SCOTTISH Borders Council's Headquarters’ tower and building will be lit up tonight Tuesday (October24) to celebrate World Polio Day.

Then at the full Council meeting on Thursday 26th Councillor Euan Robson will move a motion to recognise the work that has been done to eliminate polio from the world and to say thanks to Borders’ Rotarians who have tirelessly fundraised for vaccines and who have helped with vaccination programmes.

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The tower will be in purple which colour die or ink is put on one of the little fingers of children in certain regions to show that they have been vaccinated.

Councillor Robson said: “Polio is a cruel and life changing disease. Its eradication is within our grasp with less than ten cases reported in recent months world wide.

“Polio sufferers often triumph over their adversity and perhaps most famously US President Franklin Roosevelt did so.

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“However removing this scourge will see an end to the pain and suffering the disease causes to individuals.

“Whilst we witness the worst of humanity almost daily on our TV screens these days, the campaigns to rid us of polio and other diseases are examples of the best of humanity.”

The text of Councillor Robson’s motion is below and attached is a photo of Borders Rotarians in the foyer of the Council HQ with SBC Convener Councillor Watson McAteer and Councillor Robson.

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The text of Councillor Robson’s motion is as follows: “That the Council commends the efforts of Rotarians world-wide to support the eradication of polio, in particular appreciates the contribution made by Rotary Borderlands (Passport Group) thereto, notes the dramatic success in cutting the numbers of those who are newly infected by 99%, but recognises the need for constant vigilance to ensure the disease does not recur and therefore welcomes the joint working locally between Rotarians and the Council’s Education Department in explaining the pain and suffering polio brings and the on-going work to end this threat to human health.”