SOME delays are expected on the A7 this morning Tuesday October 24 2023 as a large blade is being transported to Pines Burn Windfarm.

The blade will leave Selkirk golf course layby around 0930 and arrive at Hawick between 1030 - 1200 noon. It will arrive onsite between 3.30pm and 5.30pm.

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The transport of the turbine components will be carried out by an experienced hauliers using extremely specialist vehicles that travel at low speeds on certain routes. 

These vehicles are able to lift and tilt the long components where necessary to avoid trees, lamp posts, road signs and to negotiate bends and road undulations.

Due to the size of the turbine components they are classified as abnormal loads and must be escorted by specially trained Police Scotland officers.

The blades are 64.8 metres long whilst the tower sections vary between 21 to 37.4m long. For this first Phase there are 21 blades and 21 tower sections to be delivered to site.

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There will be passing places agreed with the police to let traffic through where possible.

There will be additional signs placed along the route warning motorists of slow moving load on the days of transport.

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Pines Burn Windfarm would like to assure communities that all efforts are being made to keep this to an absolute minimum.