COLD temperatures are likely to affect most routes in the Scottish Borders overnight.

BEAR Scotland will have eight gritters treating roads in the south east region of the country and 13 out on patrol.

Roads will include the A1, A68, A7 and A702.



Members of the public can live track gritters on the trunk road network using Transport Scotland’s online ‘trunk road gritter tracker’.

It displays the current location of gritters and a trail with an age range for where gritters have previously passed along trunk routes across Scotland.

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The RAC has issued the following advice for driving in icy conditions.

Anticipation and smoothness are key for driving on icy roads.

Look well ahead for potential hazards – including, of course, patches of ice – and keep your speed well down.

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Accelerate, brake, steer and change gear as smoothly as possible to reduce the risk of a skid.

A higher gear may be more appropriate to aid grip on packed ice.

This helps manage engine power delivery, making it easier to find traction. If it’s a manual, you might need to slip the clutch a little to prevent the car from stalling. 

Many automatics will let you select second gear at a standstill to pull away in.