A WORRYING increase in anti-social behaviour has seen more public toilet facilities seriously vandalised in recent weeks according to Scottish Borders Council.

Speaking on the recent spate of vandalism and destruction of local public toilets, Councillor Euan Jardine, Leader of Scottish Borders Council said: “We are witnessing a highly concerning trend of mindless vandalism and destruction of public facilities right across the Borders.

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“Thousands of pounds’ worth of damage has been caused through this flagrant anti-social behaviour.

“This past weekend significant damage was reported at the at the East Station car park toilets in Peebles, with the toilet doors and toilet roll holders having been ripped off.

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“The condition of the facility was so bad that we have had to temporarily close it until considerable repairs are made.

“This follows sinks and tiles being pulled off the walls at the public toilets in Jedburgh last month.

“The cost of the repairs required will run in to the thousands of pounds and will ultimately mean money that was earmarked for improving services is no longer available.

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“I am extremely worried by these recent developments and the continued vandalism of SBC property.

“Deliberate acts of vandalism like this should not be tolerated and I would urge anyone with information regarding these incidents to contact the police immediately.

“There have also been a number of reports of aggressive and abusive behaviour directed at SBC staff working in our Community Recycling Centres recently.

“This behaviour will also not be tolerated and I would urge members of the public to treat staff who are there to assist you with the respect they are due.”