NHS BORDERS is running drop-in clinics in Hawick Community Hospital and Newtown Community Wing this week for anyone over 12 years old who is eligible to receive a flu or Covid-19 vaccination this autumn/winter but has not done so yet.

Each of the below clinics will be open 1.30pm - 5.30pm for drop-ins.

Groups eligible for flu and coronavirus vaccination are:

Residents and staff in care homes for older adults

People aged 65 and over

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People aged 6 months and over with a condition that places them at higher risk

Pregnant women

Frontline healthcare workers (including independent contractors and support staff who are patient facing in GP, dental, optometry and community pharmacy)

Frontline social care workers

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Carers (including unpaid and young carers aged 16 and over)

People aged 12 or over who live with someone with a weakened immune system

Groups eligible for flu vaccination are:

Children aged 6 months to 2 years at higher risk of flu

Children aged 2 to 5 (and not yet in school) on 1 September 2023

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All primary school pupils

All secondary school pupils

People aged 18 to 64 with an eligible condition

People aged 50 and over

Nursery, primary and secondary school teachers and pupil-facing support staff

Prison population, prison officers and support staff who deliver direct front-facing detention services

Non-frontline NHS healthcare workers (including all independent contractors and support staff in GP, dental, optometry and community pharmacy)