AN APPEAL to help protect an "iconic" Scottish landmark based in Peeblesshire has been issued.

The Great Polish Map of Scotland, also known as the Mapa Scotland, is a 50m x 40m three-dimensional outdoor concrete scale model of Scotland.

The brainchild of Polish war veteran Jan Tomasik, it was built between 1974 and 1979 mainly by a small group of Poles and is claimed to be the world’s largest terrain relief model.

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The map sits in the grounds of Barony Castle in Eddleston.

And the owners recently met with MSP Christine Grahame to discuss identifying sources of funding to restore and maintain the B-listed sculpture.

Border Telegraph: Richard Spanner with MSP Christine GrahameRichard Spanner with MSP Christine Grahame

Ms Grahame, of the SNP, said: “The Great Polish Map is an iconic landmark in the Borders landscape and attracts many visitors each year. It is a reminder of the vital role of Polish forces in the defence of Scotland in the Second World War.

"It remains a symbol of Scotland’s close ties with the Polish people and is an important part of our shared heritage.

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“Being outdoors, the map is subjected to the harsh Scottish weather and is in need of continual care and maintenance. I am keen to support Barony Castle to secure funding to continue to look after this treasured sculpture.”

Tomasik had been a soldier with General Stanislaw Maczek’s 1st Armoured Division.

Having survived the Normandy landings and the Battle of Falaise during World War II, Tomasik and General Maczek settled in Scotland along with thousands of other Polish soldiers, unable to return to their homeland.

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Barony Castle Hotel partner Richard Spanner said: “We are proud to be the custodians of this important piece of history for both the Scottish and Polish people. We are also very grateful to Christine for her advice and excellent knowledge showing us a clear path going forward to protect this map."