THE latest wind turbine blade arrived safely onsite yesterday Tuesday December 5 at Pines Burn Wind Farm which is located approximately 6km Southwest of Bonchester Bridge and 8km South of Hawick.

The next scheduled movement date is today Wednesday December 6 weather permitting.

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The abnormal load convoy will leave its current location near St Boswells and travel via the A68, to the A699 to Selkirk. It will then travel south on the A7 to Hawick.

Set off time is planned for 10.30am due to delay in lifting the blade onto the blade lifter.

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The blade lifter can only move during daylight hours which means less time during the day to make the movements.

Please note these timings are estimates.

A tracker will be deployed an available from when the convoy begins.

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A proposed 9am trial start time will commence on another movement.