QME Care’s Murray House has been transformed into a haven of creativity and compassion, thanks to the artistic talents of Tricia Duncan and Aileen Calder of Eptas Arts in Kelso.

In a heart-warming collaboration, the duo has crafted a mural dedicated to those living with Dementia, further enriching the living environment with beauty and purpose.

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Working with residents to gain their ideas, the artwork incorporates elements carefully chosen to evoke memories and a sense of familiarity. From the serene flow of the River Tweed to the iconic Kelso Bridge, the mural paints a vivid picture of the rich tapestry that makes Kelso special.

Border Telegraph: Finished Mural

Tricia and Aileen’s thoughtful approach has resulted in a masterpiece that resonates with residents, offering moments of joy, connection, and reflection.

Noteworthy elements include a depiction of a farmer diligently ploughing a field, a nod to the agricultural roots that have shaped the Kelso community.

Floors Castle, a local landmark stands proudly in the mural, a reminder of the town’s history and heritage.

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The scenic countryside, with its rolling hills and picturesque landscapes, adds an extra touch of beauty to the artwork.

And of course, the portrayal of Kelso Laddies pays homage to a tradition close to many local’s hearts.

Kelly Brown, Chief Executive at QME Care says ‘The response from our residents, their families, and our dedicated staff has been overwhelmingly positive. The mural has become a source of joy and inspiration, creating a vibrant and welcoming atmosphere in the corridor leading to Murray House. We extend our sincere thanks to Tricia and Aileen for their creativity, professionalism, and tireless effort in bringing this vision to life.

The collaboration between Eptas Arts and QME Care reflects a shared commitment to enhancing the wellbeing of community members, particularly those in need of specialised care. The mural serves as a visual testament to the power of arts as a therapeutic tool, fostering a sense of belonging and dignity for residents at Murray House.