A NUMBER of groups in the Borders are recipients of funding from The Borders Local Action Group (LAG).

The organisation is made up of local people and groups, has announced they have given out nearly £400,000 in Community Led Local Development (CLLD) funding to local community organisations since June of 2023.

The LAG hopes to have more funds to distribute from the spring/summer of 2024.

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The LAG has funded 28 groups, seven dedicated to Net Zero improvements, 11 to social inclusion and 10 to poverty alleviation. Whilst many groups work in a small local area, others offer services across the Borders.

Hans Waltl, Chair of the LAG, said: “This is the largest number of projects that the Borders LAG has ever funded through CLLD. We’re delighted to have received so many great applications each looking to improve life in the Borders and to have been able to fund them. I and the rest of the Local Action Group look forward to hearing how the projects develop and the differences they’re making.”

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The list of recipients is as follows:

Abundant Borders - Local Food Production was awarded £14,750

At Birkhill House - Development & ongoing support was awarded £20,000

Berwickshire Swop Expansion - Emergency Parcel Expansion was awarded £19,828

Borders Search and Rescue Unit - Renewable Heating & Energy was awarded £17,700

Borders Youth Theatre - Jedburgh Drama Groups was awarded £2,990

BYP Connect – Cok and Learn was awarded £14,135

BYP Connect - Gaming/Life skills and safety online was awarded £14,707

Cheviot Youth – Insight Youth was awarded £15,118

First Light Gaining Growth was awarded £15,035

Future Hawick - Hawick/Teri-Bikes was awarded £19,717

Go Wild Scotland - Go Wild Scotland Nature Education Programme was awarded £19,855

Greener Peebles - Winter Warmth & Wellbeing was awarded £4,000

HAPI - Hawick Acorn Project was awarded £19,933

Hike and Bike Hub was awarded £4550

Interest Link Borders - Growing Interests - Roxburgh Learning Disabilities Befriending was awarded £6030

Invisible Cities - Invisible Scottish Borders was awarded £18,320

One Step Borders - Striding Together was awarded £4,730

Outside the Box - LINKS Eyemouth was awarded £17,852

Peeblesshire Foodbank - Warm Boxes was awarded £7,500

Recovery Coaching Scotland - Hawick Family Support Group was awarded £10,920

Regeneration Selkirk - Energy Advice and Support Service was awarded £15,000

Scottish Borders Social Enterprise Chamber - Dedicated Support for Social Enterprise was awarded £8,660

Strawberry Lemonade Events - Event Management Fundamentals was awarded £15,000

Sustainable West Linton & District - Community Heat Survey Kit Bag was awarded £20,000

TD1 Extra was awarded £10,316

TD1 Scran was awarded £15,725

The Community Reuse Store, Selkirk was awarded £20,000

All projects have been funded until the end of February 2024, though many projects will continue after CLLD funding ceases.

The LAG has also chosen to use the Scottish Government funding to carry on with the Youth LAG (Y-LAG). Supported by Youth Borders, the Y-LAG is open for anyone under 30 to join. Like the LAG, the Y-LAG has a pot of money to give out, in their case as £1,000 grants for individual young people and £2,000 for youth organisations. The youth grants will be available between December 2023 and mid-January 2024 for those wishing to apply.