Christmas shopping is in full swing as millions buy presents for their loved ones waiting to be opened under the Christmas tree.

But whilst we all hope we get everyone the perfect gift, sometimes it might just not be right.

However, that’s where the handy gift receipt return policies come in, as instead of those unwanted gifts being left in a dark cupboard, they can be swapped for something you’ll love.

Lucky for those who might need to return their Christmas presents, many retailers offer a longer return policy that for some stores, can last for three months.

So you aren’t left hunting to find out if you’ve missed the return date, we’ve rounded up all the major retailers and their return dates for Christmas items.


If you bought a gift from Tesco before Christmas Eve, you can return them in-store or online until January 31 2024.


Sainsbury’s is allowing any items brought from September 29 until Christmas Day to be returned by January 31 2024, not including food products.


Argos is also accepting returns from items brought from September 29 until Christmas Day to be returned by January 31 2024.


Primark’s Christmas return policy allows products brought after October 17 to be returned or exchanged until January 31 2024.


Products brought online or in-store from October to December 24 can be returned until January 28 2024.

John Lewis

John Lewis’s Christmas return policy lets you return gifts purchased between September 27 and Christmas Eve until January 23 2024.

Smyth’s Toys

Any gifts brought from Smyth’s Toys from September 1 can be returned up until January 31 2024.

The Entertainer

The retailer is accepting returns from Christmas presents brought between September 30 and December 24 until 6pm on January 20 2024.

TK Maxx

TKMaxx is allowing returns for items purchased from October until January 23 2024 where items can be exchanged or receive a gift card of the same value.


You can return or exchange gifts from Boots brought from October 1 until January 31 2024.