A PLEA to help Peebles prepare for and react to extreme weather conditions has been issued.

The Peebles Resilient Community Group (RCG) is on the lookout for volunteers to join its ranks.

In the face of local emergencies – whether power cuts, snow, or floods – coordinators Paul Spence and Bob Kibble have assembled a dedicated team ready to help.

But as the emergency services and officers from Scottish Borders Council (SBC) become further stretched around the region, more local residents are needed to help keep communities safe.

The appeal comes in the same week that rain, ice, snow and wind warnings have been issued by the Met Office.

A Peebles RCG spokesperson said: “Resilient community groups have been established throughout Scotland. They are particularly critical in rural communities and small towns where residents may be vulnerable due to age, infirmity or location and where local emergency services may be limited and stretched.

“The main concern for Peebles is flooding but we also need to be prepared for heavy snow and occasional power cuts.

“In the event of SBC needing support, a request for help is directed to Paul Spence and/or Bob Kibble, volunteer coordinators of the Peebles Resilient Community Group.

“You’ll find us in our hi-viz jackets, often monitoring river levels around Tweed Green or Cuddyside along with [Tweeddale East] councillor Robin Tatler, also a member of the resilience group.”

Border Telegraph: Resilient Community volunteers working with police and with the local fire serviceResilient Community volunteers working with police and with the local fire service (Image: Peebles RCG)

Peebles RCG volunteers are not just limited to heavy lifting tasks – such as moving sandbags or carrying equipment – they can help in a multitude of ways, including supporting a neighbour with their flood gate, checking in on vulnerable residents, clearing debris following a storm, or even making a simple phone call to those in the community.

Peebles RCG also offers a variety of advice on how to be best prepared for when an emergency strikes.

The group can help with flood gate checks, advising where sandbags are stored, how to cook food which is likely to thaw during a power cut, and reminders to have emergency supplies such as torches readily available in your home.

It is actively looking for additional volunteers to join its team – especially those with access to much-needed resources such as trucks, 4x4s or spare generators – as well as a drive to support their local community through difficult times.

To find out more about the work done by Peebles RCG, calls for assistance, or to join as a volunteer, visit the Facebook page Peebles Resilient Community.