A YOUNGSTER who suffered an epileptic fit on his birthday was gifted amazing care at Borders General Hospital, it has emerged.

A grateful mum has expressed praise and gratitude for staff on ward 15 at the hospital near Melrose after they went above and beyond the call of duty when the youngster was admitted in the early hours of his birthday in January.

She said that the staff “made a big deal of him and his birthday” and that she was “blown away” by the kindness and thoughtfulness that was given to her son during what was a frightening time.

The woman went on to say: “All the nightshift and day nurses were fantastic in their efforts to get my son discharged as early as possible so that he could get home to celebrate his birthday.

“Although it was not the birthday we’d hoped for it was an experience where the kindness of staff will be remembered.”

The experience was revealed on NHS Borders' Care Opinion, an online platform where patients or their loved ones can share experiences of the care received.

Ward 15 has 11 inpatient beds for children aged 10 to 16 years. Children are admitted from all specialities including medical, surgical, ENT and orthopaedics.

Other feedback this month included someone discussing the experience they had with the podiatry service. The person said that they were diagnosed with Parkinson’s a year ago and have needed advice on their feet since then. They said that the podiatrist they saw was “very helpful, very friendly and very professional” and that they were “extremely pleased” with the support they were given.

In another story, someone talked about their positive experience with physiotherapists while undertaking a pulmonary rehabilitation course. The person said that the course was “excellent” and that it was “very beneficial and professionally run”.

If you or one of your family members has recently used NHS Borders services, you can tell your story at www.careopinion.org.uk.

Since Care Opinion was launched to gather feedback, NHS Borders received 1,283 stories.