A SCOTTISH documentary film company is looking for Borders stories to tell on the silver screen.

Edinburgh Documentary Films Ltd., based in the Scottish capital, has made films which have gone on to be picked up by Amazon, the BBC, Channel 5, and Apple TV.

The company is now setting its sights on telling the untold stories of the Borders.

Co-founder and producer of Edinburgh Documentary Films Ltd. Kieran Hennigan told the Border Telegraph: "It seems to me that the area is somewhat under-represented on TV and film.

"When you look at TV there are so many stories that come out of Glasgow and Edinburgh, so it's about trying to find interesting stories that are not from that Central Belt."

Kieran and fellow co-founder Thomas Hogben have worked on a range of films across Scotland and further afield.

Border Telegraph:

The company has worked on films on the UK space industry, the Loch Ness monster, and one of their current projects is a feature-length documentary on the Scotch whisky industry, which aims to shine a light on the "hidden gems" of the industry.

Kieran, who has worked in the documentary film industry for the last 10 years, said: "Documentaries are something that I've always loved watching, ever since I was young.

"I always enjoyed picking up a camera – as soon as I had access to one I wanted to pick it up and start filming and photographing.

"I just love the creative process of developing ideas and researching interesting stories and then telling them in an authentic and compelling way.

"My favourite moments [of documentary filmmaking] are when you sit down for a coffee with someone and you listen to their story and you find something that makes you sit up and listen.

"It's those moments that are probably the most rewarding, those early stages when you think you've stumbled across something fascinating."

And while the company hasn't yet focussed on the Borders for inspiration, Kieran's connections to the region mean the area is somewhere he is keen to work.

"I've got a great affinity for the Borders," he said, "I've got a bit of a family history from down there [the Borders].

"My parents live in Galashiels, I think there's a family history too that comes from the Borders."

Border Telegraph:

According to Kieran, there is no one thing that makes a story documentary-worthy.

Whether they be personal stories, inspirational tales, or, as the popularity of the genre has exploded in recent years, something crime-related – Kieran and Thomas want to hear from Borderers with something to share.

Kieran added that the company is looking to make films on "anything and everything".

"It could be something that's a very personal story, so it could be someone who is overcoming some sort of challenge, it could be something to do with crime – we know how popular crime stories are in the world of documentary.

"Or it might be something bigger, that's more of a community focused story, something that's perhaps inspirational or people who are coming together to overcome some sort of challenge.

"We're just looking for anyone who's ever thought 'this would make a really interesting documentary on TV' – that's the kind of person we're looking to hear from."

Anyone who has a story to tell can contact Kieran at: Kieran@edinburghdocs.co.uk to discuss their documentary ideas.