A CONSULTATION into the safety of a major Borders road has highlighted three areas for possible improvement.

Last year BEAR Scotland launched a consultation into the perceptions Selkirk residents had of using the A7 by foot or on wheels.

The survey received responses from 131 people, totalling 244 contributions over a six-week period between November and December 2023.

The feedback from the consultation is now supporting the development of potential interventions by BEAR.

Tommy Deans, network manager at BEAR Scotland said: “We would like to thank everyone who has contributed towards this consultation.

"Their feedback will continue to be invaluable to helping us make these vital improvements.

"Whilst there are a number of existing constraints on the A7 corridor through Selkirk which can make improvements more challenging to deliver, any changes will be carefully assessed for benefits in relation to the impact on traffic using the A7 and other key routes in Selkirk.”

The consultation was the first step in identifying potential improvements which could enhance safety along the A7.

From the public contributions, BEAR Scotland identified three locations in Selkirk where pedestrian facilities could be improved.

These were:

  • Market Place/Ettrick Terrace junction
  • High Street/Tower Street junction
  • Tower Street footways

Narrow footpaths, difficult road crossings and road layout were all areas of concern raised by the public.

Mr Deans said:  “To make sure our team concentrate on progressing improvements that genuinely benefit pedestrians, it is very important for Transport Scotland to gain a clear understanding of the lived experiences of those using the route on a day-to-day basis. 

"The feedback coincided with initial investigations by road safety engineers and supports the development of potential interventions."

He added: “Next steps are now being programmed with an in-depth analysis of the hot spot areas highlighted by locals.

"This comprises detailed surveys on traffic flow data, pedestrian and traffic movement data and underground utility equipment mapping.

"We are monitoring the transport arrangements for Pines Burn windfarm to ensure that days affected by turbine and blade movements are not included in our survey data.”

The information gathered in the next steps will provide valuable information to inform the feasibility and the design of potential solutions.

BEAR Scotland is keeping Scottish Borders Council officials informed regarding the progress of A7 project to ensure that potential solutions take the local road network into account.

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