A PEEBLESSHIRE auction house is set to celebrate Scotland's heritage with one of the country's largest kilt auctions.

Peebles Auction House will host the largest kilt and accessories auction this week (February 16).

The highly "unforgettable" auction will attract enthusiasts, collectors and anyone with a passion for Scotland's cultural heritage to celebrate the "timeless beauty and cultural significance" of Scottish kilts and accessories.

Kilts from designers, such as the highly sought after Gunn tartan by Hector Russell, will go under the hammer on Friday.

All of the kilts up for auction come with a unique story and will make for an exceptional addition to any buyer's collection.

A Peebles Auction House spokesperson said: "The event is expected to draw a diverse crowd of kilt enthusiasts, history buffs, and collectors eager to acquire a unique piece of Scottish heritage

"Among the highlights of the auction are exceptional gentlemen's kilts, each telling a unique story through their rich tartans."

And it won't just be kilts on offer, Peebles Auction House will also have a range of accessories - including sporrans, jackets and shoes - available.

The spokesperson added: "Peebles Auction House, a trusted name in the auction industry, has curated a diverse selection of items to cater to both seasoned collectors and those new to the world of kilts.

"The auctioneer aims to create an immersive experience, allowing attendees to appreciate the craftsmanship and history behind each item up for bid."

The auction is online and Peebles Auction House will have a hotline open on 01721 588088 for telephone bidding, ensuring that enthusiasts from around the world can participate in this historic event.

To access the auction online, visit: www.peeblesauctionhouse.co.uk.