MEMBERS of a Borders campaign group held an emergency vigil in Peebles this week in response to recent attacks in Gaza.

Borders Palestine Solidarity, part of the Scottish Palestine Solidarity Campaign (Scottish PSC), gathered in the town centre on Tuesday night after Israel launched its latest attack on the city of Rafah in the south of Gaza.

Isabella, a member of the Borders group, said: "I’m horrified at everything we are seeing in Gaza, the number of children killed."

Rafah had previously been designated as a 'safe zone' by Israel, and around 1.5 million Palestinians were encouraged to travel to the city from northern Gaza.

However, in recent days Israel has announced its plans for a ground invasion in Rafah, and has told those sheltering in the city to evacuate to 

Israel is currently taking part in ceasefire talks with Hamas in Cairo.

This war came after a terror attack by Hamas gunmen in Israel on October 7.

Since October nearly 30,000 civilians in Gaza have been killed by Israel's counter-attacks in the Strip.

Humanitarian groups have warned that action in Rafah would be "catastrophic" for the displaced refugees living there.

Members of Borders Palestine Solidarity will join the national demonstration for Palestine in Glasgow's George Square on Saturday, February 17 at 1pm, before marching to the Labour Party Conference at the SECC.