ASSAULTING three police officers after he had been arrested for wandering into a stranger's home under the influence of Valium has resulted in a 300-day prison sentence for a Hawick man.

Thirty-five-year-old Dale Devlin, of Harden Place, pleaded guilty to five offences at Jedburgh Sheriff Court which happened on January 24/25.

He admitted two breaches of the peace by entering a property in Hillend Drive and refusing to leave and also entering the garden of a neighbouring property, trying the door handle and ringing the doorbell.

When police officers arrived on the scene he head-butted one constable, bit him on the hand, kneed him in the groin and spat on his face.

He assaulted a female officer by kicking her on the body and at Hawick Police Station kicked another constable on the head and bit him on the hand.

Prosecutor India McLean said that at around 11.30pm on January 24 a householder in Hillend Drive saw Devlin go through her front gate, try the door handle and then throw his body against the door trying to gain entry.

She said he was muttering to himself and continued ringing the doorbell.

Shortly afterwards Devlin entered the living room of another property and was asked by the householder what he was doing and he replied he was looking for a bag of alcohol he had left.

She repeatedly asked him to leave as he continued to look for the bag and the police were called.

Defence lawyer Liam Alexander said the offences were drug-induced after Devlin had taken Valium.

He added his client accepted the conduct  would have been alarming for the householders but pointed out he had no recollection of the events due to the Valium he had taken.

Mr Alexander said it was disappointing as Devlin had been the subject of a drug treatment and testing order which had been going well but had lapsed.

Sheriff Peter Paterson said if it was ever necessary to emphasise the dangers of taking Valium in an un-prescribed form then the case showed precisely what could happen.

He imposed a range of custodial sentences totalling 300 days backdated to January 25 when he was first taken into custody.