A BORDERS town was the star of the show when the BBC came to town.

Three Galashiels businesses were featured in BBC Scotland's Gala episode of Eat The Town: Zola's Bakery, Café Recharge, and The Salmon Inn.

Glasgow duo Darren Dowling, aka. Dazza, and Natalie Erskine brought their foodie tour of Scotland to the Borders.

In the episode, which aired on February 22, the duo sampled some of the best eats in the town and enjoyed a couple of activities between their meals.

As part of the show, Natalie and Dazza compete to see who can pick the best meals for the other, with the winner getting a special prize at the end of the episode.

The pair started their day at Zola's Bakery on Bank Street.

The only 100 per cent vegan café in the region, Zola's offers both sweet and savoury treats, as well as a range of hot and cold drinks, fresh fruit, veg and homemade sourdough loaves.

For breakfast Natalie ordered Dazza a vegan sausage roll and a green smoothie, and Dazza ordered a pain au chocolat and a cortado for Natalie.

The duo then met with members of Lindean Carpet Bowling Club for a game of bowls.

Natalie and Dazza were then back on their bikes for a visit to Café Recharge on Island Street.

Café Recharge uses surplus food from local supermarkets and transforms them into tasty, homemade dishes and customers pay what they can.

The café also has fridges and shelves with additional food - such as bread and cereal - where people can take what they need.

For Darren's lunch Natalie ordered a pulled pork quesadilla, and for Natalie, Darren ordered baba ghanoush.

The duo then got a taste of Borders heritage by joining staff at Heriot Watt University's Borders campus to knit a couple of snoods.

Dazza and Natalie ended their Galashiels adventure at The Salmon Inn on Bank Street.

The Salmon Inn offers a varied menu, including local favourite, sticky chicken, as well as delicious cocktails.

Natalie treated Dazza to a famed sticky chicken burger, and for Natalie, Dazza made a surprise order of vegan salt and pepper chicken.

On the visit, a spokesperson from the Energise Galashiels Trust shared to the Galashiels Heartland of the Borders Facebook page: "BBC Scotland stars Dazza and Natalie hit Galashiels for season two of the popular 'Eat the Town' TV series.

"The two are searching for the best food and activities our town has to offer, all while lowering their carbon footprint.

"It was great to see them visit Zola's Bakery and two of our members, Café ReCharge CIC and The Salmon Inn, trying their delicious menus!"

The Galashiels episode of Eat The Town can be found on BBC iPlayer and the episode can also be watched on TV on Thursday, February 2