A PEEBLES woman who tailgated another motorist, drove at excessive speed, carried out an unsafe overtaking manoeuvre and made hand gestures while doing so has admitted a careless driving charge at Selkirk Sheriff Court. 

Jennifer Murray, 21, of Soonhope Holdings, had initially been charged with dangerous driving following the incident witnessed by an off-duty police officer on the A703 Peebles to Eddleston road on August 19.

But a plea to a reduced charge of careless driving was accepted by the Crown.

Murray, who works as a delivery driver, also pleaded not guilty to having no insurance.

Defence lawyer Mat Patrick said his client had become “impatient” on the day in question.

But he accepted: “Her driving fell below a reasonable standard.”

Patrick said Murray’s mother normally insured the car but there had been a mix up and the premium had not been paid and his client was unaware of this.

Sheriff Peter Paterson fined Murray £200 for careless driving and £200 for the insurance offence with six penalty points added to her licence.