A BOOZE licence has been agreed for a new £2m clubhouse at a Borders caravan park built after a previous complex was destroyed by fire.

There was a blaze at the former clubhouse at Coldingham Bay Leisure Park in February 2020.

The operator of the holiday complex, Verdant Leisure, has operated a temporary clubhouse since that time.

Now a permanent new structure has been built employing up to 60 people and when members of Scottish Borders Council Licensing Board met on Friday (March 1), they granted a licence to sell alcohol at the premises.

The aim is for it to stage community events, local gala days, charity events, exhibitions and corporate events, fitness classes, tastings, food and drink events, cultural and artistic displays or performances.

A condition was agreed that there should be no live music after 11pm, with the exception of New Year’s Eve.

Stephen McGowan, on behalf of the applicant, said: “Thankfully no-one was hurt in the fire back in February 2020 but the premises, as was, was destroyed as a result of that.

“We have been trading from the new building with occasional licences and that has been the case for many months.

“Verdant has spent somewhere in the region of £2m on this facility and it’s a facility that supports up to 60 jobs at the height of the summer season.”

Galashiels councillor Fay Sinclair said: “We should definitely welcome this significant investment to get the facility up to the peak of its abilities and the tourism it brings to the area.”

Councillor Neil Richards added: “I just hope it gets to doing some good business and employing local people.”

“We’re all appreciative of the good works this holiday park has been doing,” said chair Marshall Douglas, a Tweeddale East councillor, adding: “An awful lot of money has been spent within the park and we encourage that investment within the Borders.”